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Farewell Guys, Adiios, Sayonara~!!

Farewell? Wads happening?? Hahahazz. Well, i guess this will be my last official post, i will still be posting but not that frequent, the guy which is gonna succeed me will be Prob Venture Scout Kelvin Lim or some of u all know him as otak square aka unknownbreaker, oopzz, jus jk Kel.

Well, being the webmaster made me realise there are still people who are already out from school but are still devoted to the troop by contributing in many ways. This is one of the reasons this website is so important and useful, to get the information about the troop out to them however far they are from us and the website also keeps former and present sea scouts updated on the matters and upcoming activities concerning the Grand Old Lady.

Besides that, i learned and gained loads of experience in building and maintaning a website. Its quite interesting and because of my curiousity in the blogging trend, i recently decided to have my own blog which i just recently launch. No doubt there was ups and downs when i was incharge but no big problem which i couldnt overcome thanks to some help from others. Lolx.

Lastly, i wish the new webmaster good luck in his future undertaking and keep the unupdated updated with the latest news. I hope he does a good job or better than mine of course. I would like to apologize if any of my previous post hurt anyone in what ever way directly or indirectly. With my departure, the journey of 08online d0esnt end here, i dare say 08online shall dominate the world wild web by making waves in cyberspace now and forever. So do log on to 08online as many time as possible. Oommpa Loompa~

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