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-Gathering Meeting 2006-

As we all know, Convent Green Lane gathering is just around the corner. The meeting is held at venture scout Jeffrey Lee's house . Firstly, attendance is strictly COMPULSORY for all sea scouts from form 2 to form 4. Those who are unable to attend the meeting MUST inform one of the form 4's and give a reasonable reason why u are unable to attend. Those who did not attend the meeting without giving a reason will be severely dealt with. Form 1's who are interested to learn new things and delve deeper into the scouting world please inform us if you are willing to come and contribute to the troop. Those who have no transport please find someone who can provide transport for you or use public transportation such as buses. If you find any difficulties in attending the meeting please inform one of the venture scouts. If you dont know where the meeting place is or what time to go you may contact us. Our numbers are as stated below. We would like to see better attendance and cooperation during meetings and more dedication to the troop in the future.


VS Jeffrey Lee: 012-5131628
VS Aric Oon: 017-4031518
VS Kelvin Lim: 012-4318561
VS Warren Loh: 012-5396069
VS Moy Wei Sern: 016-4566496
VS Lau Ka-Yin: 012-4929210

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